Darriel's Mini Bali

A 2-3/4" Miniature Balisong done in Al Pendray Wootz Kiridashi Blade, Handles of Ti-mascus with Contrasting Ti-mascus Overlays. SOLD.

The new CRKT Deviation Limited Edition

CRKT limited edition Deviation's signed & numbered are now available.

$60. each plus postage.

Scimitar Balisong

Custom Balisong done in Bertie Reitveld Dragonskin damascus blade, bolsters, and latch.

Long-cut mammoth tooth handles.


The Award Winning Titanium "Fancy Flipper" Knife

"The Crane and the Dragonfly"

Over 2 years in the making.

A big 5" double hollow ground, and double quenched S30v blade, anodized and hand colored  titanium frame, hand carved damascus overlay.

Japanese motif with Tsuba's surrounded by bonsai trees and bamboo against a beautiful hand-colored mountain range..

Can you spot the hidden images?

Winner of "Best Custom Folder" at the 2013 Florida Knifemakers Annual show.


"Mystery Rattler" - An Assisted Opening Knife

This small handmade assisted opener is powered only after the blade is squeezed back towards the handle. It has a bias toward closure until the blade is moved. Dao shaped blade with Hamon (Japanese clay temper line). Honeycomb composite handle scales with copper electroconductive mokome bolsters.

The "mystery" part is a new locking mechanism I have been working on that locks up the knife when it is pointed tip down. $625.

Officially endorsed PUMA® Knife restoration expert

I am the officially endorsed PUMA® Knife restoration expert. If you have any vintage PUMA® Knives you would like repaired, or restored, drop me a line.

Custom Collaboration Caper. Limited Edition Knife

Custom Collaboration Caper!! ATS34 heat blued blade. Stag handles, stainless lanyard tubes and leather lanyard with decorative silver beads. Fantastic fit in your hands. You can really choke up on this blade, either in the right-side-up position, or upside down.
A Very Limited Edition Knife. $375.

Carbon Fiber Fixed Blade Skinning Knife

Beautiful Carbon Fiber Skinner with a 4" ATS34 heat blued blade.
Copper Rod & Stainless Steel handle pins. In stock, ready for delivery, or custom order a different blade size today! $350 as pictured.

Green Monster - Tactical Karambit Hybrid Knife

At the request of Military and Law Enforcement Agencies, I am introducing the "Green Monster," my Tactical Karambit Hybrid Knife!
Tough, but beautiful, figured green linen Micarta surrounds this hybrid beast with a bead blasted 4.5" blade and Karambit style finger ring. The Micarta sheath has a custom designed "S" shaped serpentine clip for tip up, or tip down carry. You can also remove the clip, and place it on the other side for boot, belt, left or right handed undercover transport. This is the big brother to my smaller "Neckolace" designed knife which CRKT is currently producing. Completely handmade. $450.

Red Carbon Fiber Gentlemen's Slimm Folding Knife

Here's a new design I just put together from solid Red Carbon Fiber. The blade has my proprietary Renner Blade Locking System, and a super thin profile. It's also incredibly lightweight.
Pictured is a standard 3.5" blade.
Order yours today! $300.
Call (941) 545-6320

"Love Affair" Bowie Knife

Straight off the bench, the Love Affair Bowie Knife.

1/4" thick, 9-3/8" long 5160 carbon steel blade (with hand filed hearts). 15" overall. Deluxe Popcorn Stag & antique bakelite handle, 303 Stainless sculpted hand guard. All made by hand.
The fit, finish and balance are gorgeous! $680.

Harlequin Romance Full Auto Knife

This is a fully handmade totally tricked out Renner custom Full Auto Knife. 1/8" thick Diamond Blade, Friction Forged blade, Devin Thomas "Vines and Roses" Damascus bolsters & blade inlay, 18 Karat Gold Buttons, carved Black Lip Mother Of Pearl scales and a Titanium frame. SOLD

My CRKT Knife Designs Debut

Just got the new 2009 CRKT catalog in which debuts 2 of my knives. The rough duty, all weather Neckolas™ knives. They look great! CRKT did a fantastic job on them, and each one comes with CRKT's lifetime warranty!

Check them out on pages 10 & 11 of the 2009 CRKT catalog.

Deco Wing Dot Matrix Folding Art Knife

Outrageous combination of Devin Thomas Dot Matrix Damascus and AAA black-lip pearl, Sorry, this one's SOLD.

Blue Thorn Tactical Assisted-Opener Knife

Full titanium-framed assisted-opener with giraffe bone overlays. Chisel-tipped blade of ATS-34. Beautiful and Sharp! SOLD

Mammoth Ivory & Damascus Gent's Folder Knife

Alabama Damascus Blade and Bolsters, Titanium Liners, File-Worked Backspring, Giraffe Bone Handles with Mammoth Ivory Accent Pieces. $700.

Frost Bite Fancy Folder

Hand-colored & Carved Titanium Bolsters with file-worked liners, File-worked Brad Vice Damascus blade, AAA-Grade carved Mother of Pearl handles, Backbone file-worked inside and out. Oversize hardened pivot, Splined screws throughout. Proprietary TR blade lock. Absolutely Gorgeous ! SOLD


Titanium handles, Flipper Opening, Ball-Bearing Pivot, Liner-Lock.


Large Flipper Folder with Pierced Damascus Overlays, Hand-Colored titanium handles.

Lucky 13 Bowie

Lucky 13 Bowie
Big 13'' blade with spade-shaped hamon temper line. Bronze fittings.

Lucky 13 Bowie detail

Lucky 13 Bowie detail
Spade-shaped hamon temper line, bronze fittings, 1940's Bakelite backgammon gamepiece spacers.

"Sutra" Automatic Folder.

"Sutra" Automatic Folder.
Modified Appleseed/Wharncliff- grind Blade of Bertie Reitveld Dragonskin Damascus, Nitrate-colored. Forged Opinel-style Ring-lock and Bolsters of Dragonskin Damascus. Liners of Devin Thomas Matrix Damascus. Carved and colored Titanium Spine. Carved Fossil Walrus Handles. Coil-spring Auto mechanism. SOLD. Photo By Coop.

Dragonskin Damascus Matching Whistle for "Sutra"

Dragonskin Damascus Matching Whistle for "Sutra"
Dragonskin Bertie Reitveld Damascus 2-note necklace whistle companion piece . Photo by Coop.

"Spire" Balisong in Sheath

"Spire" Balisong in Sheath
Carved window-view leather sheath and "Spire" Balisong. SOLD. Photo By Coop.

"Spire" Balisong

"Spire"  Balisong
Ponzio Feather Damascus multi-plane ground blade, long-cut mammoth tooth handles, Davis damascus bolsters, ball-bearing pivots, folding skull-point latch, carved custom bi-directional sheath with viewing cut-outs. SOLD. Photo By Coop.

"Iron Duchess"

"Iron Duchess"
Carved Acorn-themed 18" Bowie with Hamon Temper-line. Carved Bell-Bronze Guard and fittings, Silver Acorns. Deep-Relief Carved Acorns-and-Leaves Blade Art.. SOLD. Photo by Coop.

"Blue Blazes" Titanium, S30v and Mother of Pearl

"Blue Blazes" Titanium, S30v and Mother of Pearl

Big Honkin' Folder, S30V ball bearing pivot, titanium and carbon handles, flipper.

Big Honkin' Folder, S30V ball bearing pivot, titanium and carbon handles, flipper.